Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tea Sharing - Yanguye Women's Safety Audit


We did three workshops with different people in different zones. We got different ideas others are similar.
They felt unsafe inside and outside in their home because rape issues are happening in their homes. There’s a crime happening, the criminals are vandalize the property in order to get the assets that they want in that house. Other parents are unfair they don’t want to be honestly like if his or her child rape neighborhood child they want to have a discussion about that issues they don’t want anyone to intervene. So that thing makes rapists continue to rape others

As a community members we need to be solidarity stand to together and speaking with a one voice the problems who affects other, it need to be yours as a community member there’s no need to undermine that person we need to support each other
Some other people are worried because they don’t have a traditional police in felt that they’re not the part of this community there’s no CPF .others said it is better if Traditional leaders call the community and have a discuss the issue of the crime and rape and from there take the decisions. Each and every area must put the people who are going to look the criminals in the community
They have worries of government because if the criminals arrested they don’t get the sentence. They want the police to put the name tags in their uniform in order to make it easier to identify the police who did the wrong thing and good thing. Others are suggest to have a police station in Yanguye area but because of the delays they think that it is better if they the police who’s patrolling in that area
We need to talk as a community with the Amakhosi and stakeholders to take forward about women issues. Yes they are interested they want to do more about the issues of rape and crime.

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