Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thobile's Report - Access to Justice Project

Thobile,grace ,Amber and bongi we were going to attend the Woza Moya Project. Actually it was not a workshop, we visited them to see their work. They work with and in the community like us. They have a medicine room, they have a place of playing the orphans, they have a group of sewing, they have a kitchen for cooking. We met with the paralegal called Manqoba. Manqoba shared to us his challenges of his work. Many of them are same as mine, especially in the department of Social Welfare. They face the problem of community, if they visited the traumatized children, the member of family asked them how they know about that situation. But they are brave because they don’t stop working, they are continue.

Thobile, Grace and Bongi going there to attend the workshop. The workshop is started at 9:34. They started with the Domestic Violence. They explain about the procedure we need to follow if we have the violence in our homes. And one of members of workshop raised the question of is there a Domestic Violence in the marriages of same sexual? And facilitator said yes. And another question is why if someone says a statement with his or her oral and if the courts write it down interpreted with its own, not same as a victim said. And the facilitator said the courts write as they understand, the time you are speaking.
They followed by the maintenance. One member asked what is the age of stopping child to get the maintenance I was lea. the facilitator said no age as long as the child is at school and if it is not work. They told us about the document we need to bring if we apply for maintenance. And one member raised a funny question why the blood of child and his or her parent always come positive in the courts. And the facilitator said if the child belongs to them, but it is not any blood comes positive. And me I raised the question of is the father of the child have a right of applying the maintenance to me and they said yes
They followed by the children act. 2005, and the children amendment act. Presented by J. Todd and directed by the Pietermaritzburg child welfare. And in 1997 SALRC questioned by the Minister of Welfare and in 2003 Bills was initially submitted in parliament. the section 129 consent to medical treatment and surgical operation, and section 134 access to contraceptives for a example government raised the issue of , if the children have 12 years old she can able to do the injection of prevention and can able to do the abortion. I was stopping there because at 1:00 I need to go back to melmoth.


Amber said...

How did the workshop go today with the CPF and Tradional Leaders?

Also, I need your case reports for Novemeber and I wanted to check whether you have been able to find out about the Local Victim Empowerment Forum in Eshowe. Let me know.


Sindi Blose said...

Thobile, we still need to raise more awareness on violence against women to end the shame and silence that women experience when being abused in the family, partners or the community at large. I admire your work. Has there been any progress in your area over the years?

Sindi Blose