Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ivela Primary School - Youth Team Update

1. Date of wokshop: II.II.2009
2. Venue.Ivela Primary
3. Who facilitated the process: Nozipho ,Sabelo & Sicelo?
4. Numbers of people attended: 22 children
5. Objective of the meeting: was to educate children about gender workshops and encourage them about 16 days of activism against women and children. second day. Was to get the feed back from the learners about gender work that they supposed to do at school and in their homes
6. Did you meet the objective and why or why not (be critical): Yes we meet the objectives because learners were had the clue of gender and they know the difference between gender and sex and the feed back of our homework that we gave them they did well
7. Reflect on workshop design-what could be improved/changed in future such workshops and why: the venue that we used was not good for us to run a workshop because other learners was interrupting us they had a noise and shouting others
8. Reflect on workshop facilitation-what could be improved on \ lessons learned from this for future and why? We thing we did all we supposed to do when we facilitate we think for the future we need to run the workshop in a open space and in a quite place like the community hall that we used to have it last time
9. What were the critical issues that emerged from this workshop and why are these critical –that we will have to think about for the future: The boys were still don’t want do practice gender equality at homes and school
10. What were some of the gender power issues that emerged from this workshop that we need to think about for the future: there’s no gender equally at school even that day the boys was not like to mix with the girls and the boys thought days dance are the girls thing

Signature: Sicelo and Nozipho and Sabelo
Date: 11.11.2009

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