Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Phakamile's First Post

I am in PMB getting ready to go to Joburg for a meeting with SANAC about home-based care policy. I worked with Jenny yesterday to read the policy. It talks about training and payment of CCWs (community care workers). I have lots of questions about the policy and also will share the information with the Network when I get back to melmoth.


Amber + Grace said...

It's nice to have you in the PMB Office. We are waiting to hear about the conference and how your first airplane trip went!

Amber + Grace

Domini Lewis said...

Great Phakamile:) I look forward to hearing how the SANAC meeting went. Regards

Anonymous said...

Hi phakamile how was your trip?Did you enjoy to ride the airoplane? oh girl i can't wait to see you.

From Nozipho

Anonymous said...

Hi Phakamile i want to know how was joberg treating u interm of weather and how workshop going is sabelo asking

Anonymous said...

Hellow Phaka I can't wait to have you back we got so much to do.
From Thandeka

Anonymous said...

Hi phaka i like to say;i remember you so much and how was the trip? from Sicelo