Monday, November 9, 2009

Our first JAW blogging adventure

We are setting up a JAW blog so that we can have a space to write and think about our work together. We also hope that the Blog will help us keep track of the work that we are doing and give each other feedback and suggestions.

What now? We would like everyone to write at least one post and comment on at least two posts in the next three weeks. Here are a few rules:

1. Everyone needs to write a post about the work they are doing now in the community. You need to write about how you are bringing gender and power issues into your work with the community.

2. Everyone needs to write about an example of how you are "taking up the rope" or using your voice within the organization. If you aren't using your voice or taking up responsibility, why not??

3. Finally, please read others' posts. Comment on at least two posts. You have to make sure that you comment on a post that does NOT have more than two comments already. We want to make sure that everyone gets feedback. Make sure your comment is critical - think about what has been written. Do you agree? What do you think? What suggestions do you have?

I hope this experiment is fun and challenging. We can practicing using the Internet, typing, writing, and critical thinking together in one place!!
Hope to hear from each of you soon - and good luck to all those writing exams this week.

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Grace said...

Well done, Amber. Bongi and I just finished writing exams and are very tired.