Monday, November 23, 2009

Monash Intern - Darrell Hawkins

Dear Jenny

Thanks for your welcome. I have read the information about your programmes and the work you are doing sounds very exciting to me!

From my previous study trip to Mpumalanga I'm aware that gender justice issues are so important in South Africa. I've seen that women's empowerment and a shift in attitudes towards women by men are critical in facing the HIV/AIDS challenge as well as issues of violence.

Your program foci sound very interesting and worthwhile. I hope, above all, that I can contribute in a way that is meaningful and useful to JAW. I've been involved in internships in the past and have seen that organisations sometimes need a helping hand more in one area than another. I would like to make clear that I am most interested in working in an area that your team has identified that an intern would be most valuable, as I'm keen to contribute as much to your organisation as possible. I'm sure that it will be a valuable learning experience for me whichever area I work in, so I am happy to let your team assign me to an area in need of a short term intern.

My personal preference would be the Youth programme as I feel I'd be well suited to working with young people, particularly boys, having done youth leader work in the past in Melbourne. As a male I am aware that I may not be suited to every position at JAW as some work may be more sensitive and it may be more appropriate for a female to work in these areas. I will leave this decision up to you as you obviously know which areas would be suitable for a male to work in.

I'd like to achieve from the program a sense of having been part of something worthwhile. I'm very aware that it is a short internship and it is difficult to do a lot in a short time, so that's why I'm keen to work where you would value someone. Of course I'm here to learn a lot too, about South Africa, about gender and development, about HIV/AIDS and more. I'm keen on working in aid and development once I graduate and so any experience is so valuable.

Thanks a lot- I'm really looking forward to meeting you and the team in January!


PS- while here in Mozambique, internet is very unpredictable. I'm using my university email today as Gmail is not working today. I'd recommend emailing both this email and to ensure I get any replies!

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