Monday, April 12, 2010

Corruption in Melmoth Police Station

Corruption in Melmoth Police station is a big problem for the community. On the 24th of March the Njomelwane community members had a march protesting about corruption in Melmoth Police station and handed in the memorundum to the Station Commissioner complaining about the involvement of the police in the murder case of M.P. Biyela who was the taxi driver and the suspect who is the police not been arrested, the lost of dockets in the police station, police not responding to community complaints and the police not giving feedback on the investigations of cases. On the seventh of April the community invited Brigadier Wilson to the meeting and the demands were given to her about the police station and she didn't give the reasonable feedback to the community because after the march the superintendant who was working effectively with the community and was able to respond to community's complaints and who was telling the community the truth was transfered with immediate effect. The community was very upset and felt that that transfer should be delayed and the police station be dissolved within 24 hours because the community felt that there is no trust and faith in these police that are in Melmoth Police station. Despite all those community's demands, Brigadier W. said she has powers to dissolve the station but she is not going to do that and asked the community to give police second chance to make up to the community and gave the community 20 days to monitor the service of the police and to come to the CPF meeting on the 29th of April to give feedback. It was not clear that she was also going to attend that meeting.

Today the 12th of April the superintendant that was transfered but still waiting for her transfer approval, reported to Melmoth police station and was badly chased away by the staion commissioner and was told not ever to come to Melmoth Police staion. She then tried to speak to Brigadier who told her not ever to set foot on Melmoth police station and asked her to stay at home and threatned her not to attend any community meeting!
I feel that is not fair and it is not acceptable. I am appealing to everyone who can assists us as the community to fight this battle and get her back because she is really a good person to have in Melmoth police station to fight corruption as a result of her hard work exposing corruption the suspect that everyone was scared of , today he appeared in court meaning he is noe arrested. I feel that we need to fight for this police station to be dissolved even if we need to contact Nathi Mthethwa to give the memorandum to him is fine because we can't now stay in our homes and feel that we are safe because we understand that by taking more actions we are risking our own lives but I say what ever it takes I am not going to stop this battle like this and I am not going to keep quiet if I am still alive, I will keep quiet when I am dead!

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