Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Grace's Report from Community Health Worker Policy Framework

Hi Everyone
It has been a good experience for me to be part of the home based care cluster engaging on the advocacy process around the home based care policy that was drafted by department of health without consulting civil society. The process was good and opened my eyes on other issues that I personally didn't think about, such as civil society being in partnership with government which was interesting to hear and to think about the consequences that might come on the long run. It was interesting for me to have an input on that submission no matter how small it was and I am looking forward to see how department of health is responding to the issues and concerns we raised about the policy in the submission.
I was suprised by Mabongi and Mariana, they were so powerful and engaging with the whole process, not intimidated by the use of English and they were able to voice out their concerns as field workers! They did great job and I personally congratulate them.
We had good time enjoying ourselves swimming on the sea, which was exciting, good but exhausting! We looking forward to having the workshop with the whole Mthonjaneni home Based Care Network.

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