Monday, November 30, 2009

sexual offenses Act 1 December 2009

Hi Everyone

Its a pleasure to me to share with you the dynamics of sexual offenses Act.I believe it will stirr you up and also open your eyes as it did to me.

Firstly I want to give you the definition of rape:According to the old Act rape is a sexual penetration of the penis to a vagina.
New definition:Rape is unlawful and intentional sexual penetration of a person without consent.Sexual penetration means penetration of the vagina, anus or mouth by a sexual organ including a penis,finger or object representing a penis like a bottle or broom stick.

This new definition was passed by the parliament in 2004 and is called sexual offenses Act that changed the definition of rape because the old definition was declared unconstitutional by the constitutional court.

.Unlawful-when you commit sexual act with the child under 12yrs or with mental disabled person
.Intentional-knowing write from wrong
.Sexual penetration-manage to put your penis/object in someone's vagina/mouth
.Without consent-forcefully.

I will share more next time like how to report rape.

Bongi Zondi

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Amber said...

Thanks Bongi
I wanted to ask you some follow up questions about the workshop in Sweetwaters. I find it so interesting that the women (mostly Gogos) felt that women over a certain age should no longer have sex. I want you to think about this in terms of gender - what does it mean if women are not to have sex after they are no longer to have babies, but men can have sex their whole lives. Do women only have sex because they want to get pregnant? Can women enjoy sex throughout their lives? What do you think??